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Drones For Hire has attracted over 2.5 million business directory impressions in just 2 years!
Just like a regular Google search, people tend to click more often on the listings at the top of the page.
Place your ad into one of only 3 fixed positions at the top of the main UOC directory.
Your ad always stays at the top regardless of the ‘State’ or ‘job type’ filters used.
Generous image space (350 x 240 pixel image).
Link your ad to your DFH full profile page, or any webpage of your choice.

Note: adding a sponsored ad at the top does not replace or interfere with your organic listing, it just compliments it. Also note that the horizontal position of the 3 ads is randomized for each page impression.

Campaign fees
Fees 8 Week Campaign
12 Week Campaign
25 Week Campaign
Fee per week $95 $80 $69
Discount (%) nil 15% off 25% off
Note: Campaigns are billed monthly by direct debit and prices are ex GST. Campaigns continue to run beyond the minimum term until cancelled by the advertiser.

More About Drones For Hire
  • The largest and longest running drone operator directory in Australia (established Dec. 2013)
  • Featured in Smart Investor Magazine, the SMH and The Age
  • Growing fast - thousands of enquiries processed and 250% inquiry growth in 2015 compared with 2014.

What certified drone operator businesses say about Drones For Hire
"An excellent source of new business for us" - Nick, Airsight Australia
"Happy with the results so far" - James, Australian UAV
"Top service and good value for money" - Bill, Eagle-Eye Aerials
"We have received very good value from" – Chris, Aerial Inspections
"We have gained good exposure to new customers" – Chris, Drone Films
"We are very happy to continue with our subscription" - Jennifer, Yamaha Motor Australia
"We are happily subscribed to" – Jeff, JR Photo graphics
"Access to new jobs at a reasonable monthly cost and the service is great" – Dale, Fluid Motion
"DFH provides us with all sorts of projects" – Michael, Unique Aerial solutions

Get started now in 3 easy steps

Step 1
Choose the 8, 12 or 25 week (minimum) campaign from the campaign fee’s table above

Step 2
Send us your graphic (a 352 x 242 pixel png or jpeg image) we do the rest. Note that we are more than happy to assist with artwork at no cost.

Step 3
Email Stephen at [email protected] or call 1300 853 690 (all states - 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday) to set up your account in 24 hrs or less.