At Flightcontroller, we believe in safety, efficiency, and learning the craft the right way. Led by our Chief Instructor Chris and our Academic Manager Alex, our skilled pilots and instructors have built an expert training course based on more than 10 years of aviation instruction.

We’ve trained members of Yamaha’s (R-Max) Sky Division, the Australian Federal Police, photographers from Getty Images, Heliguy, Groundcontrol, videographers from Channels 7, 9, and 10, and many more through our association with our sister company, Helitheory Australia.

We teach our students not only how to do it the right way, we’ll ensure that they’ll be CASA certified and trained to be top notch commercial drone pilots. It is our high level of experience and aptitude that separates us from the other schools out there, and with that our expert pilot instructors will ensure that you meet success.

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