RPAS Training and Solutions

RPAS Training and Solutions

RPAS Training & Solutions is CASA Certified. (CASA.UOC.0046).

ALL Inclusive costs for Remote Pilot Training courses: Radio Certificate, CASA Application fee, English Language Proficiency & Practical Training included. No extra costs.

CASA certified RPAS Training for Multirotor <7kgs & Fixed Wing <7kgs – Courses for Multirotor >7kgs to be announced very soon.
Courses in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Kiama
RPAS Training is the ONLY company that have developed a multi platform software solution to manage your CASA compliance in “Drone Complier“.

RPAS Training aim to establish a long term relationship when you use RPAS Training. We are not about quantity, we are about quality.
RPAS Training does not compete against you. RPAS Training provide training, assistance and support and we do not use your contacts to develop our photography, surveying or any other RPA operations.

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I will be starting my course at the end of this month with RPAStraining.
Lee, Jun 2017

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