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We are a Canberra based business capturing aerial, stills and video over a wide range of perspectives that traditional ground based photography simply cannot see.
We are also dedicated photographers, of over 25 years experience, Canon CPS members, not just pilots with a camera.
We use 4K Cameras and a few types aircraft to achieve the best results.
These are used alongside a variety of traditional DSLR cameras, gimbals and a mixture ground based photography.
For those that want the ultimate sized and detail we use the Gigapan system for those Gigapixel shots.
Our Aircraft / Controllers utilise inbuilt screens, enabling the client and ourselves to see what is being captured at all times, we get it right when we fly.
If required we can output to HDMI as we fly, meaning, you can see on a large flat screen what we are filming as we go, we won’t miss the shot and we can operate to your requirements. (Within the guidelines.)

All of this is done whilst meeting strict safety and privacy requirements. The pilot is Ex. RAAF FA 18, Flight line trained and safety is our number 1 concern.
Fully insured and CASA qualified, ReOC / certified, and we use Hexacopters for additional safety in all operations.

Small, large or ongoing project job, we can discuss your requirements, stills or video. We will travel as required.
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