Elevate Aerial Media

Elevate Aerial Media

We are creative Aerial Cinematography Specialists located in Adelaide & Renmark, South Australia. We are Fully commercially licensed and insured to perform aerial work giving you the peace of mind while on set. Using state of the art UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) equipment allows us to obtain amazing smooth footage controlled by a gimbal stabilizer being operated by a separate camera operator. We operate as a two man crew, one piloting the heli and the other controlling the camera. Having the ability to use UAV's allows us to film in areas where manned helicopters are considered too dangerous for the job, not only this but the cost factor is significantly cheaper. When speed and long distance is a factor we can film from a manned helicopter using gyro stabilized cameras. We are a young crew of creative's with fresh ideas who push our equipment to elevate your production quality through aerial cinematography.

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