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  • Pilot should arrive at 9.30am
  • pilot needs to arrive at 9.30am
  • please arrive at 9.30am
  • Hole by hole video for our website
  • Want to pinpoint turf stress
  • Looking at drainage issues
  • Identify defects/damages
  • How high/wide is the asset (roughly)
  • Once off job, or recurring?
  • 3D map of a forest
  • Identify plan species
  • Count cattle
  • We will open the files in AutoCAD
  • Be onsite at 7am for induction
  • Show stressed areas of a vineyard
  • Identify thin coverage
  • Distribute predator mites
  • Thermal camera drone to find missing person in bushland
  • Security surveillance of a property
  • Find a missing dog
  • Please meet me there at 9.30am
  • Deliver an object
  • Carry advertising banner
  • Virtual reality
  • Swarm of drones
  • Must have construction experience
  • Arrive at 10am, or time doesn’t matter?

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Jordan Nesbitt

Submitted my enquiry and received over 8 offers within hours, made it very easy to choose a company as i had so many options to compare! Definitely would recommend using this!

Ben Harland

Within a day I had several responses from excellent drone suppliers who were able to offer exactly what was needed. Great service from DronesForHire.

Will Faulkner

I really like your service and have used it a couple of times. I wouldn't change anything, the simplicity really works.

Sara Osti

Amazing network- I wish we have the same in my country! Thank you!

Co de Kleuver

Prompt and efficient service and excellent results