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Drone photography is an emerging industry offering an affordable alternative in the field of aerial photography. Skilled drone photography offers the big picture in a dramatic and satisfying format. SEQ Drone Services offers all clients high definition footage leaving no stone unturned and with their meticulous attention to the finer details, you end up with more than you bargained for. Perfection!

When you hire SEQ Drone Services you are in good hands. Fully certified for all commercial and recreational flying and understands all the local and national regulations of Australia, so you can have peace of mind your project will run like clockwork.
SEQ Drone Services has an insurance 20 million policy with liability cover, and this is a must-have when you employ any drone operator. All CASA (The Civil Aviation Safety Authority) guidelines, policy and procedures are followed to the letter, delivering true professionalism and safety within the industry.
The drones used by SEQ Drone Services have the ability to record in full high definition . The Matrice has 3k Camera recording ability to 4k, the Inspire has the 5k with the zoom capability for that close up inspection . The phantom and Mavic two Zoom record HD at 1080 or 4k. The better the drone the better the results. If required, the footage is then edited by experts that can create a full movie, cinema ad, YouTube video or simply a memory you want to keep forever.

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the job was done by South East Queensland Drone Services, for a 10 minute video with 125 photos. Good deal
Ken Duncan, Apr 2019

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