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Dragonfly Aerial Imagery is a small, one-person operation formed in 2016 with the aim of providing a quality aerial & general photography service to homeowners, landowners, gardeners, farmers, orchardists, real estate agencies & developers, smaller businesses, sporting groups and communities. With low overheads, my fees are very reasonable, and I cater for those with less complex projects in the outer suburbs and rural areas. I'm happy to travel up to approximately 300 km, however fair & reasonable expenses may be added to my quote. All quotes are clear & transparent with no hidden costs, and I'm open to discussion in this regard.

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Perhaps if the limitations/limits of the operators were listed when quoting it could give you a better/faster idea about whether they would be suitable for your job (i.e. height, wind and weather restrictions based on their drone types & post image editing/processing abilities). Could be displayed in tabulated form branded with "drones for hire". Cheers
Jack Anderson, The Water and Carbon Group, Apr 2019

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