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What sets us apart is that first and foremost we are media professionals who have worked in the film, TV and online industries for many years on the most diverse range of productions. Image acquisition, TV and Film production and post production, from concept to delivery.

We offer you, the client, a full service operation. We provide you whatever you need from an aerial shoot, from the raw image and movie files all the way through to the final image, colour corrected, stabilised, photoshopped, graphically enhanced finished art.

We are specialists at 360° video shooting and post production with a client list including American Express, KIA, The Australian Wool Corporation, Scultpures by the Sea, Catalyst VR, Start VR and QBE insurance.

For non 360° filming we shoot primarily with the GH4 under an S1000+ octocopter delivering 4K and high frame rate Full HD footage from a safe and steady platform.

We know how a shot needs to be captured and how to best deliver it for the processes down the line.

Aerial acquisition is an exciting addition to our tool kit. It allows us to bring a new level of freedom and creativity to your project.

Fully CASA certified with $20 million public liability.

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They were professional to work with, quick to respond to contact and able to accommodate our unusual request for a good price. We are very happy with the service they provided.
Giovanni D, Premonition, Sep 2017
We ended up working with Grant Gill form Oculair who came through your website. Drones For Hire is a brilliant resource!
Robert Moorman, Apr 2017

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