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Business / corporate video Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Emergency Services

Justin Ramanauskas, retired Clearance Diver - Royal Australian Navy.
I'm pleased to extend my experience and service now as a Qualified Chief Remote Pilot, with over three years of experience exploring this unique and elevated perspective. My professional focus extends from searching ocean floors, dry gritty desert mountains and the strangles of complex jungle terrain, with deliberate intent to seek out and discover what must be seen and share new knowledge.
COMMUNICATION was and continues to be my greatest lesson.
UAV technology greatly removes risk and unnecessary exposure, distancing reactive decisions, often laboured by exhaustion, frustration and cautious uncertainty creeping towards the unknown and UNSEEN.
Dragon Recon Risk Management delivers this important outcome in two words - SEE IT.
Site survey, Mapping, Communication Towers/Utility assets and Complex terrain tasks (Night or Day) requiring CASA approval will complement your decisions with greater knowledge from each image capture to confidently communicate outcomes with CERTAINTY.

Website work examples: https://dragonrecon.com.au/

SEE for yourself, love to meet you and share this opportunity.


$600min. Image/Video capture during normal DAYLIGHT hours. Please note, for all tasks requiring CASA approval, additional cost and delays should be considered.

DroneDeploy/Assseti/Trendspeck (Survey and Mapping) presentation
Adobe Creative Suite, Lightroom/Premiere Pro preferred

DJI Mavic 2 Pro (Registered with CASA)
DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual (Registered with CASA)


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