DJI Inspire 2 Premium Combo

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DJI Inspire 2 Premium Combo

quote Compared with the professional combo, the premium combo contains the following differences:
Two cendence controllers instead of 1+a remote controller
A CinemaDNG activation key in addition to the Apple Pro Res Key
Both crystal sky monitors are the Ultra Brightness variant rather than the High Brightness
Two included CineSSDs are 480 GB instead of 240 GB. quote
Leo – DFH IoT architect

  • Get up to 27 minutes with constant camera use with one set of batteries.
  • Never miss a thing with intelligent tracking, up to 94 km/h speeds and 360 degree rotating gimbal.
  • No need for a second pilot! DJI Go has intelligent flight modes that let you focus on the videography.
  • Compatible with the Zenmuse X4, X5 and X7. Buy lenses here or bring your own!
  • This drone is over 2kg, therefore a licence is required if you are flying it for money (commercially)
  • Compare features with other models here
  • Call 1300 853 690 (8am - 8pm, all states) or email [email protected]

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Official DJI factory sealed box
What’s in the box   |   Official Specs list   |   FAQ’s
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