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DJI Inspire 2

quote The drone that sets the professional standard for aerial cinematography. With its capabilities in speed, quality and effectiveness, there really is no substitute for this drone when it comes to filmmaking, with the exception of the Freefly Alta range, if you want to go non-DJI.
Nick - DFH team manager

This machine is an aerial cinematographers dream. The sheer versatility of the Inspire 2 - so many new shooting possibilities have been made possible! Mountable gimbals leave room for future cameras to be added down the line thus improving the Inspire 2’s longevity. The Zenmuse X7 with a compact Super 35 sensor can shoot CinemaDNG RAW video at 6K. Commercial payloads like the Zenmuse Z30 and Zenmuse XT2 change the Inspire 2 from an aerial filmmaking platform to a surveying workhorse.

Get up to 27 minutes with constant camera use with one set of batteries.
Never miss a thing with intelligent tracking, up to 94 km/h speeds and 360 degree rotating gimbal.
No need for a second pilot! DJI Go has intelligent flight modes that let you focus on the videography.
Compatible with the Zenmuse X4, X5 and X7. Buy lenses here or bring your own!
  • This drone doesn’t come with a ‘built-in’ camera. See ‘choose a camera’ in the package items showing in the columns below.
  • This drone is over 2kg, therefore a licence is required if you are flying it for money (commercially)
  • Compare features with other models here

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    2 in stock, more coming
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