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Before the introduction of consumer model drones the only way to take an aerial photo was by plane or helicopter both extremely expensive and impractical. Today’s drone technology sees them equipped with the most advanced imaging systems available delivering amazing high quality images and videos. The fast set up time of a drone means a photo can be taken in just minutes. Drones are a cost effective and safer alternative to conventional methods. By using drones for spotting, inspection, photography, cinematography and surveying we are able to complete tasks that just a few years ago were too dangerous or impossible.

GC Aerial Media is a Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) business based in regional NSW specializing in customized aerial imagery. We utilize the latest drone and imaging technology available. Our Remote Pilots are certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia and our business holds an up to date ReOC (RPA Operator's Certificate), both required to operate drones commercially in Australia. We are able to customize an aerial imaging solution to suit your needs from Real estate to search & rescue, using the latest technology from the world’s leading manufacturers.

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