Unrestricted Automated Vision Systems

Unrestricted Automated Vision Systems

I have over 50 hours of FPV flying with mini drones. I have a full fleet of military grade, video transmitting minidrones with various ranges of speed, stability and video quality. I can get these drones into places no-one else can. I have extensive DJI experience and access to a Phantom 3 Pro and Mavic pro. I have over 20 years experience in film and television production and have "broadcast" as my standard. I have permission to fly within 7kms of any airport, I have no height restrictions from CASA, I can fly as close to a building as I like. I AM NOT AN EDITOR, I AM NOT A 3D ARTIST, I AM NOT A DIRECTOR. I AM THE GUY YOU CALL WHEN NO-ONE ELSE CAN OR WILL DO IT. CLOSER, RISKIER, FASTER.

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