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  • Pilot should arrive at 9.30am
  • pilot needs to arrive at 9.30am
  • please arrive at 9.30am
  • Hole by hole video for our website
  • Want to pinpoint turf stress
  • Looking at drainage issues
  • Identify defects/damages
  • How high/wide is the asset (roughly)
  • Once off job, or recurring?
  • 3D map of a forest
  • Identify plan species
  • Count cattle
  • We will open the files in AutoCAD
  • Be onsite at 7am for induction
  • Show stressed areas of a vineyard
  • Identify thin coverage
  • Distribute predator mites
  • Thermal camera drone to find missing person in bushland
  • Security surveillance of a property
  • Find a missing dog
  • Please meet me there at 9.30am
  • Deliver an object
  • Carry advertising banner
  • Virtual reality
  • Swarm of drones
  • Must have construction experience
  • Arrive at 10am, or time doesn’t matter?

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Fast response, had my request sorted straight away with a terrific operator.

Erin Reimer


Very helpful and quick service. Would definitely use again

Tammie Matson


Drones For Hire were quick to respond, professional and very helpful with information. Within 24 hours I had several quotes from affiliated licensed drone operators.

Peter Marmach


5 star service. If there were more stars to give - they would be given to Drones for Hire.


A great service. Put the job description out there and got back several quotes. The job was done well and for a good cost


Vanessa Gorman

Great service and their network is impressive, with consistent follow ups to make sure I’m happy, to which, I am :) Highly recommend their services.


Michael De Florio