5 general safety rules for drone flyers

1. You should only fly in visual line-of-sight, in day visual meteorological conditions (VMC)
- No night flying (generally)
- No flying in or through cloud or fog, and you should be able to see the aircraft with your own eyes (rather than through first-person-view (FPV, binoculars, telescopes) at all times

2. You must not fly closer than 30 metres to vehicles, boats, buildings or people

3. You must not fly over populous areas such as beaches, heavily populated parks, or sports ovals while they are in use

4. In controlled airspace, which covers most Australian cities, you must not fly higher than 121 metres (400 feet) above the ground

5. You must not fly in a way that creates a hazard to other aircraft, so you should keep at least 5.5 km away from airfields, aerodromes and helicopter landing sites

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