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- Total Aerial imagery dataset toolbox!!
- Underwater Imagery also available
- 2 and 3D footage and mapping.
- 4 and 6 rotor machines available.
- Thermal imaging together with High-end camera equipment used.
- Tethering systems now available for use or sale
- Tethered operations in restrictive and sensitive airspace
- Amazing talent providing High Class and Quality Outcomes.
- Focused on Asset, Safety and Quality Aerial Inspections.
- Progress footage services including regular updates and side by side comparisons in a wide range of spatial data.
- Flight Assess provides a No Fuss, Keep It Simple, safe and Fully Customisable service.
- With nearly 30 years of operational experience in the aviation industry, both Military and Civilian environments and numerous rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.
​- Relying on your repeat business and referrals .....Therefore, it is in our interest to ensure YOUR satisfaction.
- With nearly 30 years of Professional Operational experience in the Aviation industry, both Military and Civilian environments and numerous rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.
​- Flight Assess offers YOU options. Use our consultancy -Asset Excellence to implement your own RPAS operations OR simply use our customisable RPAS operations services. Very few other operators have the operational aviation and consultancy experience together with being able to provide stand-alone RPAS operational service.

Why Do Our Clients Use Flight Assess?
CASA Certified*
Fully Insured*
​Modern and Safe Equipment​
Satisfaction Guarantee
Outcome Proven
Exceptional Service
​Range of services offered
Price sensitive
Credibility Assured
​Safety Aware
Privacy Sensitive
​AAUS Accredited Operator*

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“Our dealing with Darren from Flight Assess was fantastic. He was enthusiastic, professional, and the quality of footage was excellent. I highly recommend employing their services.” Celina Battig – Wild Colt Productions
Celina Battig, Wild Colt Productions, Mar 2021
Trustworthy, efficient, easy to deal with, well presented business. We were over the moon with all of our property shots. We use Darren for all of our high end properties and manage to impress our clients every time.
Paul Teague, Century 21 At The Lakes, Mar 2018
The Asset Excellence team has provided consistent, reliable and affordable service in the field of professional aerial piloting and post flight data processing. Darren was able to deliver functional and seamless high resolution photographic mapping on an active construction site which has over 130m in elevation difference which presents significant image stitching challenges. Images were processed in a timely manner allowing the on-site team to utilise the up to date maps for day to day decision making and historic reference.
Anthony Deguara, Transport Main Roads - QLD, Mar 2018
It was a pleasure utilising the services of Flight Assess for our aerial imaging. The process in an educational facility was seamless and maintained privacy requirements whilst producing quality images that will enable us to plan activities and building projects in a more effective manner in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.
Les Barnard, Living Faith Lutheran Primary School , Mar 2018
5 Stars – Darren’s professional finish is of a high quality and this professionalism extends into his customer service. Would highly recommend Asset Excellence / Flight Assess to anyone in the market for drone videography.
Graeme Nicholas, Hometree Property, Mar 2018
The job was done very successfully by Darren Stone, of Asset Excellence. We were impressed by Darren's professionalism, especially by his prior visit to the site where he letter-dropped the neighbours to advise them and thus avoid any surprises for them. Also happy with his follow-up regarding questions afterwards. We were very happy with the result, and would certainly seek Darren's services for any future jobs.
Rebecca Ball, Jan 2018

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