Our People

DronesForHire at Airshow 2017
Drones For Hire speaking and exhibiting at the 2019 Avalon International Air Show which attracted over 170,0000 visitors. Welcome to the DFH team page. A bit about us and what we like to do: Between us we have won a sourdough competition, completed 6 university degrees 2 Masters degrees and 2 PhDs, worked at Google head office London, worked for the Australian Defence Force, developed and sold a #1 industry platform in the sports sector, founded a business in the BRW (Fin. review) fastest 50, and held a world record in rowing.
Nick Smith

Nick Director

Nick is a techpreneur, co-founder and Director of DFH since 2013. He has appeared various times in major nationwide publications in business, agriculture and robotics. BBus, Chief Remote Pilot, CASA Certified Type Ratings: Agras T20, T30, T40, RePL, DJI Academy Certified Agras Instructor & Technician.

Ron Guan

Ron Technical Director

Ron is a techpreneur and holds a Masters in IT and a PHD in Multimedia. He owns and manages multiple tech startups.


Alex Business Development Manager

Alex leads our business development and our content creation and is currently undertaking a university degree in Applied Finance. Alex, whilst not a farmer himself, has cultivated a strong understanding of how drone technology is improving agriculture in particular, having completed his DJI Academy Instructor Course on DJI Agras spray drones as well as a variety of T40 and M3M training sessions, demos and setups.


Mark Technical Manager

Mark is a Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineer and has significant hands-on experience with development, customisation and repair of multi-copter drones. Mark achieved top place in Mathematics out of 300 students whilst competing in numerous competitions such as Maths Olympiads and National Australian Mathematics competitions.


Oscar NSW Ag. Technician

Oscar is our lead NSW based technician for agricultural setups and demonstrations. He operates a T20, T40, M3M, M3T, RTK base station and P4-RTK. Oscar is an experienced farm manager, drone operator and machine technician. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, and Advanced Spray Application accreditation with DPI. CASA Certified Type Ratings: Agras T20, T30, T40, CASA RePL.


Danny VIC Ag. Technician

Danny is our lead VIC based technician for agricultural setups and demonstrations. He operates a T40 and M3M and is thoroughly skilled in RGB and NDVI mapping. Danny is highly regarded as a thought leader in the Landcare community in the fields of landscape development, restoration and sustainable & regenerative farming projects. CASA Certified Type Ratings: Agras T40, CASA RePL.


Damian QLD Ag. Technician

Damian is our lead QLD based technician for agricultural setups and demonstrations. He operates a T30, T40, P4 RTK and M3M. Damian is an experienced contract spray drone operator for cane, to fruit tree missions to weed spraying missions. Damian is an outstanding leader, trainer and assessor. CASA Certified Type Ratings: Agras T40, CASA RePL.


Will Business Intelligence (BI) analyst and UX Design

Extensive experience working in small business analysis and start-up valuation. An unyielding eye for detail and a creative mind for optimal technical design. Will brings a well-developed customer-centric approach to problem solving.


Renee Content Producer & Creative Lead

Renee leads our content creation team and is undertaking an Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical engineering degree. Renee is very up to date with aviation news and is primarily interested in the growth of unmanned aviation and the development of UTM.


Jono Advisor

Jono spent over 10 years in Google’s AdWords advertising teams. Supporting client’s online growth in both the UK and APAC markets. He brings significant knowledge and direction to our online strategy.


Jeff Advisor

Jeff is a director of multiple successful companies and helps us to test our assumptions on a regular basis and provides valuable objective advice.


Sophie Team leader

With a Bachelor of Design Computing, Sophie is our head of creative strategy and customer experience. Sophie is an enthusiastic and invaluable member of the team.


Max Account Manager

Max is an outstanding customer service officer and is responsible for optimising and managing customer accounts on an ongoing basis.


Leo Operations Manager

With a Bachelor of Engineering Honours in Commerce, background in financial management at CBA, Leo brings sound financial skills and best-practise operations management methods to DFH.