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T40 Type Rating Certification

Are you interested in advancing your drone technology skills? Drones for Hire provides the DJI T40 Type Rating Certification, designed for current Multi Rotor RePL holders. With this certification, you gain the ability to operate your personal T40 drone on your property. If you plan to extend your flying activities to other properties, consider obtaining an additional ReOC license in conjunction with your type rating certification.


Here is the pricing for Type ratings (for T30/T40) in a single booking/day. It's possible to do up to 3 people in one day.

1 person – 889.0

2 person – 1389.0

3 person – 1689.0

Pricing is inc GST 

The travel fee is $68c per km and can be calculated when we match your location to the nearest Type Rating Instructors location. 


Q1: Can I fly my T40 drone anywhere with the type rating?

A1: The DJI T40 type rating certification allows you to operate your T40 drone on your property. However, if you intend to fly on other properties, you may need to obtain an additional ReOC license.

Q2: Can I fly any large drone with the T40 type rating?

A2: No, the T40 type rating is specific to the DJI T40 drone and does not grant permission to operate drones over RePL standards. Different certifications or licenses are required for larger drones.

Q3: How long does it take to complete the type rating certification?

A3: The duration to complete the DJI T40 type rating certification varies based on prior experience. If you are familiar with DJI products, such as the T30, the endorsement can take just a few hours. However, for those less experienced, it typically involves training courses and assessments, spanning several days to weeks. 

Q4: What are the prerequisites?

A4: To obtain the DJI T40 type rating certification, you typically need to hold a Multi Rotor RePL (Remote Pilot License) and fulfill any additional qualifications specified by relevant authorities.

Q5: How much does it cost?

A5: The cost of obtaining the DJI T40 type rating certification varies, but it's generally around $1300. If you get it with a T40 drone get $300 off your purchase.

Q6: Does it expire?

A6: The DJI T40 type rating certification does not expire.

Q7: What should I expect during the training?

A7: During DJI T40 Type Rating Certification training, you can expect to learn the following:

- Comprehensive instruction on the operation of the DJI T40 drone.

- Training on the maintenance and care of the drone.

- Practical hands-on experience in flying the DJI T40.

- Guidance on safety protocols and regulations.

- Evaluation through assessments or exams to ensure competency.

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