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Aerial Acuity, are a CASA certified UAV operation that has extensive experience flying Unmanned craft in a variety of applications. We have extensive experience in Heavy Industry, Manufacturing and Asset Management, and operate within a Safety Management System that recognises best practice in Hazard analysis and Risk Management.
Our team can help drive significant cost savings through your organisation by providing a fast and effective process to inspect plant and equipment during both routine and break-down inspections using 4K/UHD videography and can offer 3D photogrammetry and modelling including asset stockpile quantification.
We have extensive experience in Aerial Photography and Film Production and have provided a service for previous and current clients including Bureau Veritas, Red Bull, Exon Mobil, Alcoa Rolled Products, Patagonia and Tennis Australia.

We are capable of providing a number of services which can be tailored to each client, some of these include;
- Aerial Photography
- 3D Topographical Modelling
- Crop Health Monitoring and assessment for Agriculture
- Asset Inspection
- Condition Monitoring
- Stockpile quantification
- Promotional Films and content delivery
We can create geographically accurate photo-mosaics, containing multiple layers of discrete spectral wavelengths of light to derive vegetation indices. An example of an NDVI map can be found below; we can also provide data for a range of other indices. This data can help clients manage crop health to maximise yields.

We can also deliver accurate 3D topographical imaging to help clients plan future crop plantation and condition monitoring of plant and equipment

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Great all inclusive hourly rate, punctual and very professional in their dealings. Outcomes met and exceeded our expectations. Thanks
Dawyd Pinter, Mar 2016

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