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Dragon Recon Risk Management (DRRM) explores and delivers solutions that are congruent with the incredible journey of my personal and professional life experience. Exploring the depths of cold ocean floors, transversing deserts and ascending mountains across the world, my role in the Australian Defence force demanded I set the highest standard of safety for myself, my team and those who we were responsible to protect.

Life above and below the sea is where my true passion and ambition were born.

Serving and surviving across these environments over 20 years, I have graciously learned to communicate swiftly and decisively as a leader and a manager. The education and experience gained in these environments combined with my commitment to serve and share my knowledge with my community has encouraged me to provide similar services through dynamic aerial optics, delivered real-time to clients via DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone Technology. A client will be able to identify accurate and immediate imagery to aid swift decision making and evidence-based risk management.

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