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Film & TV Commercial property Asset or industrial inspection

Ignite Digi provides the highest quality UAV aerials for your production.
Our team consists of our pilot Chris Fox, ex-RAAF aeronautical engineer, and Tom Waugh, cinematographer.


Utilising UAVs with the MoVi gimbal, our Red Epics and a professional pilot and camera team to operate it, we capture amazing aerials for your production with ease and efficiency.
You will enjoy a full 1080p live feed from the Red Epic that ensures we capture exactly what you want, with remote focus and iris control systems allowing lenses from 8mm through to 85mm.


Capturing aerial photos and panoramas from our UAVs with the Nikon D800 allows wall sized prints (36+ megapixel) and you can see a live image from the camera as we fly. We can provide both Red Epic RAW video and Nikon RAW stills on the same day.


The MoVI stabiliser can be used handheld, on our steadicam arm and vest (removing vertical movement), mounted to our cablecam or to our vehicle for super stable tracking shots that feel like you’re flying. Mix this with our live 1080p wireless video feed and remote iris and focus for limitless creativity.


Some of our credits:
Foxtel/BBC drama series - The Kettering Incident
NBC Universal / Syfy channel drama series - Childhoods End
Discovery Channel series - Tiger Research Unit (TRU)
ABC/TVF international doco drama - Death or Liberty
ABC TV series - Life in Ruins
ABC TV - Gardening Australia
ABC TV - Catalyst

Arri Alexa Mini (coming in July)
2 x Red Epic MX 5K cameras
1 x Blackmagic 4Ks
MoVI M15 stabiliser
MoVI M5 stabiliser
Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 HD link
RTmotion MK3.1 Iris and Focus wireless system
21.5" HD daylight viewable client LCD
Steadicam Flyer LE modified for MoVi
Cablecam for use with MoVI

Our flight times with Red Epic/Alexa Mini fully kitted out at 13-14min per battery set. We come with 8 sets and full remote charging setup for all day filming.

We can also provide aerial solutions for the industrial/commercial property area including 3D modelling and orthomosaics


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