Last updated by Nick S. on 28/11/2023

Drone Rentals

Elevate your projects with our cutting-edge drone rental service. Whether you're a professional photographer, farmer, or an enthusiast, our advanced drone fleet is ready for you. Enjoy affordable rental packages, fast delivery, and versatile applications in agriculture, construction, events, and beyond. We simplify drone rental, allowing you to focus on your mission. Explore our latest fleet below and elevate your projects today with our premium drone rental service.

Meeting the rental requirements at Drones for Hire is essential to ensure safe and responsible drone usage. We adhere to the professional safety standards outlined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). To rent from us, you must meet the following three criteria:

- Possess a valid and up-to-date Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) for your own safety and compliance with regulations.

- If your intent is to operate commercially, it's imperative to either hold or work under an organization with a current Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators' Certificate (ReOC).

- Maintain your own public liability and 'hull' insurance to safeguard against unforeseen incidents.

- Furthermore, you must provide a Certificate of Currency, serving as official proof of your insurance, with Drones for Hire listed as an 'interested party' since we are the official owner of the rental equipment. These requirements ensure responsible drone operation and compliance with all relevant regulations and safety standards.

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