Five reasons why you shouldn't fly it yourself

Drones have the capacity to damage property and injure people. Here are 5 good reasons to leave drone photography it to the experts.


You need to be licensed or approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) when flying a drone for money, or any form of economic gain as stated here. This man was fined $1050 for flying his drone over Brisbane’s Ed Sheeran concert at Suncorp Stadium.

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Without proper preparation you can injure people which may expose you to substantial damages or compensation claims. This drone flyer accidently injured a triathlete whilst trying to get aerial photography of the Geraldton Endure Batavia triathlon in Western Australia. It’s not uncommon even for experienced drone pilots to crash their drone from time to time. Getting public liability insurance is very important and you cannot get it without a CASA license or CASA approval.

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Triathlete Raija Ogden was treated for a head injury


This drone flyer narrowly missed colliding with an Airbus A320.The regulations and no-fly zones in Australia are complicated and unlicensed drone pilots cannot get an exemption to fly within no-fly zones. Without knowing the zones you can for example collide with a passenger jet coming in to land or a helicopter taking off from a hospital helipad.

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The no-fly zone rules are complicated


In order to take drone photography that isn’t blurry and video that isn’t shaky, you’ll need to practice which takes time and patience. Hiring a professional drone pilot will produce much better quality shots, quite often in just an hour or two onsite. You may stand next to the pilot to make sure the shots are taken at the right angles.

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Developing smooth flying skills, & understanding drone camera settings takes time


Getting drone shots yourself involves acquiring or renting a drone, picking it up from somewhere, charging batteries, checking no-fly zones, learning how to operate it safely, getting decent quality shots, extracting the files from the drone and the retouching the images or editing video. In many cases it is much faster, simpler and cheaper to simply ask a local pilot to get the shots you need in just an hour or two and then hand you the files on a USB stick.

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