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Tony Gilbert has more than five years experience as a full time commercial drone services provider, specialising in precision aerial mapping and aerial surveys but with extensive experience in asset inspection, crop health inspections, vegetation mapping and 3D mapping / profiling. With a suite of UAV equipment ranging from Phantom 4 Pro to M600 hexacopter to Delair UX-11 STOL fixed wing and Firefly6 Pro VTOL fixed wing, and a range of RGB colour and Multispectral sensors, Queensland Drones has the equipment and experience to deliver your aerial imaging projects to your specifications and expectations. With multiconstellation GNSS RTK and PPK systems, we are able to deliver centimetre precision on most projects. With our own in-house desktop orthogrammetry systems and GIS platforms, we can process and deliver your work to your precise needs including CAD and BIM inputs, feature extraction, 3D profiling and volumetric calculations. We have extensive field experience working closely with civil engineers, surveyors, developers, environmental managers, building designers and other professionals to refine and integrate our workflows with industry standards. We are CASA-Certified, fully insured and operate within a strong safety management framework that can be integrated into your site safety frameworks and SWMS.

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