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Ben has been listed since Jan. 2018
Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill Agriculture

Verterra Ecological Engineering drone services provide high quality UAV data and analysis to drive best practice environmental management.
Current major projects include the monitoring of vegetation and erosion with multinational mining companies, local government water bodies, NRM groups and federally funded reef health groups.
Equipment includes a fully insured UAV with 5.5kg maximum payload, high resolution still colour camera for aerial imagery and DEM surface creation along with a multi-spectral camera for the production of vegetation health indexes. Trials are currently underway for an aerial seeding system to establish small areas of rehabilitation on difficult to access sites within the resources industry.
The Chief Remote Pilot is an experienced engineer and GIS specialist with current S11 mining induction and coal board medical along with mine-spec 4WD vehicle where required.

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