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Jordan has been listed since Mar. 2018
Film & TV Business / corporate video Residential property Commercial property Events (e.g. sport, wedding, festival) Construction and engineering

Melbourne Artist with a passion for making exciting content.

No job is to big or too small.

I prefer taking on projects with fine details as it makes more of a challenge.

I have allot of experience in photography and in my spare I play competitive video games with my online network.

I use a combination of the latest Sony + DJI equipment available on the market.

Can do still photography + video.

- Residential + Commercial Property
- Events
- Business + Corporate
- Social Media
- Film & TV
- Music Video

All about that tailored experience.

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6 Reviews

Mitchell, Mar 2020
Paul Powers, Reel Focus Films, Sep 2019
Great work by Jordy Scott
david marshall, Feb 2019
I hired Jordan Scott for the job. His service was excellent. Arrived on time and was prompt with the results. Jordan's expert advice and ongoing help has been invaluable. Highly recommended.
Neil, Aug 2018
Job went well. Jordan from Umphy provided a great service and went over and above in his delivery. Even though he was the cheapest quote, he was very good value for money.
David Hunsdale, Jul 2018
We were really pleased with Jordan. He did an outstanding job.
Alex McDonald, May 2018

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