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UAS Aviation Services Australia is a leading edge UAS technology driven company whose mission is to develop locally designed and manufactured UAS plus related autonomous products. We also provide high end UAS related service delivery to environmental programs and the scientific research community in conjunction with our specialist business partners.

Our technology focus is to build high tech leading edge Australian UAS capability utilising our highly skilled local Queensland UAS industry and University partners. Our development focus is also on utilising environmentally friendly solutions at each stage of the program.

UASA is proudly partnered with University of Queensland to assist in the aeronautics design, materials and manufacturing techniques in our custom UAS development program.

In addition to our predominantly Fixed Wing UAV service focus, UASA also has a range of Multicopter UAVs with a variety of visual and thermal camera payloads to cover off on all your aerial data gathering requirements.

UASA encourages you to keep checking back on our website as we further our commercial focus change to Environmental and Scientific specialisation.

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