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UASA builds, sells and fly's proven UAV Helicopter Systems. UASA also operates a research & development program for advanced VTOL, autonomous systems design and associated technologies. UASA Future Unmanned Aerospace Systems.

UASA is a Queensland based, reliable UAV and autonomous systems innovator. We are a niche advanced manufacturer of specialised components and parts supplier for our supported UAV systems. Our products also include long range UTM capable communications, ISR mission capable sensors and payload integration into our platforms as well as other Ardupilot based UAS. We back up our UAV Systems sales with an in-house UAS maintenance (Drone MRO) service division.

We also offer specialised Aerial surveying services via our operating division AirGeoX and ROV underwater services through a trusted business partner.

Leveraging off our wide industry experience and network connections, UASA also offers targeted consulting services related to UAS and niche component advanced manufacturing businesses.

Founded in 2018, UASA's ultimate goal is to expand Australian sovereign industrial capability in advanced Unmanned Aeronautic Systems using advanced Automation process and industrial design. UASA is positioning itself as proud contributor to Queensland's advanced Aerospace supply chain with a further long term goal of autonomous systems supply to Australia's burgeoning Space industry. This will be achieved through local advanced industry 4.0 Aerospace manufacturing including the creation of high value, knowledge-based and skilled jobs now and into the future.

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