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AirScape Media is based in Melbourne, Australia and is here to provide you and your business' next level services to promote your brand. We offer aerial and ground photography as well as videography; all shot with superior equipment to give your brand the edge you are looking for.

All of our aerial images are shot with our fleet of drones operated by our team of C.A.S.A. certified drone operators and pilots.

Drones offer a unique service, offering increased flexibility and decreased cost in comparison to past aerial photography and videography options which were available. In the past you would hire a helicopter or the like to obtain images from the air, which although effective is an expensive and inflexible option in comparison to what can be offered with drones today. Whether you require images for real estate, events, surveying, asset inspection or property development, contact us today to arrange a meeting to discuss how AirScape Media can optimise your business. All of our drone operators are CASA qualified satisfying Australian commercial legal requirements and have public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

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