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Film & TV Business / corporate video Residential property Commercial property Events (e.g. sport, wedding, festival)

Airborne Photography are experienced operators you can trust to deliver exceptional aerial imagery for your project when time is of the essence.

Specialising in affordable high quality:
Aerial Photography | Videography | Cinematography
Together with ground level imagery to compliment aerial work.

Airborne Photography are imaging specialists servicing the requirements of:
Real Estate | Tourism | Agriculture | Events - Weddings | Sport | Construction

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The only drawback was that we had to pay up front for the service and images. Completely understandable, though our client is a big company and a notoriously slow payer. Would have been good to have a bit of flexibility on this front, instead of us having to carry the costs. I would probably check this next time with a provider.
Alison Rogers, Mar 2016

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