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Skyris a new team of creative minds with over 15 combined years of digital media are now taking to the sky to capture stunning high end footage for our clients needs.

We use top of the range and the latest equipment, Our S900 UAV capable of lifting heavy cameras but keeping smooth and stable whilst in the air helping to capture a clean and crisp image, We also use a smaller UAV, all depending on the job and loaction we make the right choice for the shoot.

Skyris are 100% CASA licensed and being licened allows us to be fully insured (something you should be very wary when picking a UAV aerial photography company), this is to protect you and your clients investments. Part of the CASA UOC Licenese we are required to complete detailed forms and logs everytime we start a new job, this includes Approvals, JSA's and Flight, Battery & Maintenence Logs just so we know everytime we fly we are at out safest and the UAV's will be at their utmost performance .

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