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Andrew has been listed since May. 2014
Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill Agriculture

Australian UAV is an award winning and dedicated professional consulting service provider across all areas of aerial mapping, inspection and video. We have an exceptional track record in timely project delivery and complete work across all States and territories. AUAV was recently listed as the only Australian in a "Top 20 Global Drone Company"

Our dedicated employees come from a diverse range of backgrounds including civil engineering, software development, land management, 3D visual effects, asset inspection, GIS, CFD modelling, remote sensing, survey and machine control.

We offer services beyond the flying with experience in reporting, analysis and custom hardware/software integration solutions.

With over 5000 flights completed for commercial and government clients, we are one of the country's most experienced operators and have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Wagga Wagga, Ballarat, Bairnsdale and Hobart but also operate nationally and overseas.

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Paul from Australian UAV was very professional and captured all the data we required. Thanks for your assistance
Jake, Institute for Drone Technology, Jun 2018
Jane, May 2018
Glenn Coianiz, Silver City Minerals Limited, Apr 2018
Survey completed and results are through. Can’t speak highly enough in regard to Leon Dwyer (drone operator) from Australian UAV. Skilled, safety orientated operator who knows everything about his task is happily and concisely talked us through every aspect. Data was exactly as he said, exceptional clarity and the ability to glean and collate information any way we chose. Very impressed.
Greg Matthey, Mar 2018
We will give this operator first option on any further work - before listing with drones for hire.
Glenn Williams, Ballarat Engineering and Mining Surveys Pty Ltd, Feb 2018
Andrew Chapman from Australian UAV completed our DTM survey of 200 hectare site for a large solar farm installation in Orange, NSW.
Bruce Smith, RCR Infrastructure, Feb 2017
, Sep 2016
All good apart from slow to supply AutoCAD compatible data. DXF or dwg data is essential.
Glenn Williams

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