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Who are we?
AWS is an engineering consultancy firm that is accredited as a NATA Class A Inspection body.
We have a team of qualified AICIP inspectors, AS/NZS 1796 Welding Supervisors, Welding Inspectors, Welding and Mechanical Engineers making AWS a one stop shop for all compliance and inspection needs.
Our Philosophy?
AWS’s Asset Integrity Management philosophy centres around providing clients with cost effective, holistic strategies to minimise risk during the operational life of an asset whilst ensuring profitability without ever compromising on safety.
What is AWS Remote Inspection Service?
Remote Inspection Service is the use of RPS (Remotely Piloted Systems or Drone) to access traditionally inaccessible areas, Isolated Areas, High Risk Areas, to collect a permeant photographic record of the state of your asset or area of interest. Remote inspection is a key tool used to provide logistical oversight in projects which span over large areas.
Why use AWS Remote Inspection Service?
The used of drones Minimise Risk & Cost Maximise Efficiency. The use of drones, Eliminates exposure, Reduce access costs, Provide multi-dimensional, multi spectral permanent records, Access and alterative vantage points
AWS is a NATA Accredited Class A Inspection Body with a range of services focused on compliance and asset integrity management. Our NATA accreditation assures our clients that our reporting and inspection practices are of the highest quality. AWS is also approved by CASA, and accredited by Achilles and CM3.
Why use AWS’ Remote Inspection Service?
The AWS UAV team is led by Commercial UAV pilot and Welding Supervisor. He is supported by AWS staff, made up of Welding and Mechanical Engineers, AICIP Inspectors, and Welding Inspectors that have a huge amount of experience in inspection and defect identification.
AWS not only provides photographic evidence but can also interpret these images and provide compliance reports of assets inspected.

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