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The aerial camera is the tool to get that unique image, but it's the not the be all and end all - it’s who's behind the camera that makes for a great shot and that's what MGA Aerials prides itself on- great images. Using a range of different drones we can capture 4K high bit rate (broadcast quality) video or high definition still images for whatever you have in mind.

Capturing either close up or from a distance a drone can quickly re-position when wanting to capture different angles which makes for perfect for events. It can also stay with fast subjects such as cars or boats to give that cinematic look to a project.

Being a CASA certified operator, MGA Aerials have a number of capabilities in our operational toolbox that those operating without certification can't do, such as - operate 15m from people (normally it's 30m), operate within restricted or prohibited airspace. It also enables us to have public liability insurance ($20M in our case).

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