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Asset or industrial inspection Environmental or large area Agriculture

Stratus Imaging is a Perth based company offering a full-service of aerial photography, videography, imaging & Geographic Information System (GIS) dedicated to informing and assisting decision makers with actionable and timely data. Our fleet of aerial platforms allow us to provide you with the images you need, when you need them, at an affordable price.

Stratus Imaging utilizes the latest in small UAV technology, including GPS and gyro-stabilized flight control systems to deploy sensors capturing high quality images used in asset management. We are a technical services company assisting customers interested in precision agriculture, rural video/aerial photography, construction progress, real estate and industrial inspections.

We use a Multispectral camera for all image capture. The RedEdge simultaneously captures five discrete spectral bands, enabling the creation of tailored indices for customized applications. Global shutter design creates distortion-free images. RedEdge's Downwelling Light Sensor (DLS) enables measurement of ambient light conditions during flight for more accurate data in varying light conditions.

We offer multiple indices for correct and actionable data, from NDVI, NDRE and to a host of specialised algorithms to suit all farming industries.

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