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Matthew has been listed since Apr. 2017
Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Mine site, quarry or landfill Agriculture

Our focus is on mapping, agriculture and inspection. We provide 3D models with absolute accuracies down to 2cm, true NDVI mapping with specialised hyperspectral cameras and we also provide asset inspection services.

We provide our own Ground Control Points through use of Aeropoints. This means that we do not require surveyors to mark our GCPs cutting down the number of people needing access to the site, saving time and money while achieving the same or higher GPS accuracies.

Our crop health analysis is done by use of a Slantrange hyperspectral cameras custom fitted to our drones. This allows us to provide actionable imaging and crop analysis that is accurate.

Our asset inspection is done using long focal length lenses allowing very close up high definition images and video while maintaining a safe clearance from the asset. This greatly increases safety and allows inspections of places that are dangerous or hard to reach.

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