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Lentez offers the combination of more than 30 years experience in both professional photography and video production, 35 years of aviation experience and over twenty years of business ownership with a very strong track record of exceptional customer service. Now, with the addition of aerial imagery using drones, we deliver the best of all these factors combined. Lentez offers full service photography (land and aerial) and video production (land and aerial) with professional post production for both. Lentez is your choice for professional moving and still imagery. Contact us for a no obligation quote.

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Scot got in contact with me from Lenez and am happy to go ahead with him. My experience with Dronesforhire was really good got lots of interest.
Yes we did! We got a few people contacting us with quotes and we ended up working with Scott (Lentez). We are very happy with his job and both him and his wife were very professional and friendly. They were able to do the job promptly and we will likely work with them in the near future. 5 out of 5.
We engaged the services of Scott Goodkin of Lentez.  We were extremely happy with the service and especially his patience, time and assistance in helping us with our project.
Yes Scott Goodwin of Lenten responded and I have arranged for him to do the job.
Good job
I ended up with Scott from Lentez, he told me has built up quite a relationship with you overtime. He was fantastic, really professional and easy going, got exactly what I needed and in a very short time frame for a VERY reasonable price. Definitely wouldn’t have found them without dronesforhire. Can’t think of anything that I would change but I will certainly be recommending to others if they are asking.
Drones for Hire is a great service. I needed a quick response at a difficult time of year and within a few hours of asking for a quote I received about 11 quotes. Most of them reasonable. The suppliers all seemed very professional and its was very hard to choose. I was contacted mainly by email but a couple by phone as well.
Kath Davis (kdvideo)

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