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Environmental or large area Emergency Services Training

Heliwest is an Aviation based Services and Solutions provider, we operate fixed-wing, helicopter and Remotely Piloted aircraft services to a broad range of clients, in particular those in the Mining, Resources and Emergency Services sectors.

The company’s identity and work ethic are instantly recognisable within the resources environment and staff has a detailed knowledge of the industry. One of the Heliwest key principles is “Work Safe, Fly Safe” ensuring that, in line with modern working practices, the company maintains its enviable safety record whilst meeting its clients’ needs effectively and efficiently.

Heliwests relationships with some of the largest providers of professional unmanned systems, enables us to supply and operate platforms and payloads with capabilities that exceed those that are generally available to the public, with industry experienced pilots.

Heliwest provides turn key solutions to industry that include training capabilities. Being an existing aircraft operator we can provide the best platform for the task, manned or unmanned - so you won't pay for something you don't need.

Our 22 years of industry experience in aviation provides a level of experience few can match.

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