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Skyline UAV is leading the industry in the quality, reliability and performance of unmanned aircraft. Working with the Swiss Drones SDO-50V2, Yamaha RMAX, Pulse Aerospace VAPOR series and various multi-rotors, Skyline offers access to the highest level UAVs available to the civilian market, representing a significant risk reduction to equipment, personnel and project delivery.

Operating with over 20 years aviation experience and utilising some of the best machines on the market, you can be guaranteed a quality outcome when using our UAV helicopters for a variety of services and applications.

In addition to our main base at Lake Macquarie Airport, we operate throughout Australia to provide premium services to the following sectors:

•Aerial Photography
•Aerial Surveying
•Aerial Application/Spraying
•Mining Surveying and Rehabilitation
•Marine Surveying and Spotting
•Agricultural Surveying, Photogrammetry and application
•Council Asset Management
•Energy Sector Asset Monitoring and Management.

Our team of highly skilled pilots and engineers are committed to safety and providing a superior level of service and manufacturing to all of our clients.

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Did a good job as quoted. Would be happy to use them again. Used for spraying on steep hills where ground access was limited.
Nick Wragge, Woomargama Station Pty Ltd, Jun 2020

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