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William Andre, (Filmmaker / Cinematographer / Aerial Cinematographer / Chief Controller).

William is a filmmaker, who for the past 6 years of his career has specialised in creating incredible cinematic images no matter what camera, some of his most iconic work was created with DSLRs and DJI camera systems. Working alongside some of Australia’s biggest production companies, William has acquired a skill set behind the camera that has allowed him to capture stunning imagery through various platforms. Wether on the ground with his DSLR, flying a drone or filming from a full size aircraft, his creative visions and ideas reflects through the footage he captures.

William has been commercially active in the filmmaking and Drone industry since 2012, working as a freelance cinematographer, aerial cinematographer for various production companies across Australia and abroad. His background full size aviation has greatly assisted him in understanding the drone industry, with over 15 years of experience in aviation, William has held such licenses as commercial aeroplane and helicopter pilot licenses with flight instructor privileges. William is now a fully licensed drone operator, holding both a REPL and REOC which has allowed him to add a new perspective to his filmmaking.

William is always pushing the creative boundaries of his filmmaking, constantly developing and fabricating new means of capturing stunning imagery.

In June of 2017 William opened ‘Instrument Media’ as a fully pledged production company, catering for the following fields in the media industry; Filmmaking, Cinematography, Aerial Cinematography, Photography, Aerial Photography, Video Editing & Photo Retouching.

All aerial operations are carried out in accordance with CASA and municipalities rules/regulation. With a 20 Million dollars global public liability insurance my systems are ready to travel to any locations and engage in day and night operations safely and legally.

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