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Business / corporate video Residential property Commercial property Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area

All our pilots are safe, certified, insured and endorsed by the Australian Federal Aviation Regulatory Body.

We specialize in construction and developments.

Technology and integrations are second nature to us, and we are the Australian leaders in providing interactive 3D modelling of assets, houses and structures to you on your desktop, tablet, phone, Google cardboard or interface.

In terms of media we come with Worldwide experience, including filming and photography around Europe (Sweden, Gdansk, Malbork, Poland) and nationwide including remote and wilderness Victoria, Tasmania city and highlands.

Oz Drone Ops works with you, to provide what you deserve. Having the ability to work in just about any environment and obtain permits to excluded no-fly zones, we're happy to give you those perfect shots.

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Kevin Soon, Aug 2019
Rob was great to deal with and very accommodating. Highly recommend.
Fady Andary, SolXEnergy Australia and NZ, Mar 2018

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