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Residential property Commercial property Construction and engineering Mine site, quarry or landfill

As an Environmental Scientist/GIS Analyst (and semi-professional published photographer) with over ten years experience servicing the mining, agricultural, residential, commercial and government sectors I have a deep understanding of clients requirements and the provision of services in a timely cost effective manner.

All imagery, footage and data collected can be integrated into GIS systems (such as QGIS, ArcGIS and AutoCAD) and I can also provide analysis, reports and cartographic outputs as required. Services include 3D feature mapping of terrain, buildings etc. including for earthwork volumes, engineering design and route selection, mapping of mine surfaces for volumes and production decisions, stockpile mapping for volumes, topographic mapping, detail mapping of urban areas, infrastructure corridors, aerial photography and photogrammetry for surveying and mapping to ascertain measurements between objects.

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