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Residential property Asset or industrial inspection

We provide a non-invasive and highly effective drone building inspection service in Victoria.

We take images of the desired residential or commercial building (including chimneys, solar panels, gutters, air conditioning units, general roof etc.) with our quiet and unobtrusive, 4K capable drone. These images are scrutinised by a licensed and certified affiliate roofing professional. Within 72 hours, we email you a link to these high definition photos and include any comments regarding the condition of the roof.

Who can benefit from an aerial roof inspection?

• Homeowners
• Landlords
• Insurance Agencies
• Property Maintenance Businesses
• Solar-panel Installation Businesses

Why are drone inspections better than manned or self-inspections?

• Cost saving
• Negates risk of worker/self-injury that may result from attempting to access a roof
• Provides high quality images that can be referenced at a later date for comparison purposes
• Provides access to previously inaccessible areas of a roof
• Faster

Our current rate is $50/roof inspection plus an additional $100 travel fee if outside the following postcodes: 3930, 3931 and 3199.

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