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Alastair has been listed since Nov. 2017
Film & TV Business / corporate video Events (e.g. sport, wedding, festival) Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering

ACI Drones compromises of two departments;

Asset Inspection: With 25 years’ experience in Asset Inspection including 20 years in the Oil and Gas industry. ACI Drones can not only get to areas of restricted access but understands the needs of the clients
What makes ACI Drones special is we have specialists in our team including UAV pilots, Sound technicians, Civil Inspectors, Pressure Equipment Inspectors, Rope Access technicians,
We have the capability to progress from identifying areas of concern all the way through to repair.

Commercial Media: Creating high end advertising, transmitting real time filming and Banner advertising

A fleet of drones and cameras allows us to tailor to the client needs. We are introducing to the fleet one of the first drones with quadruple redundancy to meet one of our client’s specific needs.

Though based in Sydney we frequently travel to all other states in Australia

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