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Advantages of Skytracking’s RPAS aerial observations:
o High Resolution 20MP aerial photography
o High Definition UHD 4K 60 fps aerial video
o Low environmental & financial cost over traditional methods
o Inaccessible area image capture
o Precise and repeatable VTOL GPS/GLONASS navigation
o Human resource multiplier for compliance monitoring
o Photogrammetry, DEM and 3D DTM’s.

Aerial photography is so much more than just hanging a camera from a drone. An experienced photographer operating an RPA will give you visually pleasing images. The world looks very different from 120m in the air - don't miss the opportunity we can give you to grab your clients attention and show off your project with images that are truly different from anything else they've seen. While rooftops, catwalks, silos and ladders can give interesting perspectives from above, aerial photography shot from our RPA will be eye-catchingly different, much safer to achieve and light on resources.

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