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Colin has been listed since Jan. 2018
Film & TV Business / corporate video Commercial property Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area

We provide broad scope UAV (Drone) aerial operations Australia wide.

We have extensive experience with many large scale Utilities, Civil Construction and Government institutions.
All aerial Photography, Videography, Thermography, Inspections, Surveilance, Mapping and A​nalysis. ​

Drone Tech Australia is a QLD/VIC based Commercial UAV operator, CASA Certified operating aircraft up to 25Kg.
Our aircraft are equipped with the latest range of high quality cameras and sensors available.

We provide professional UAV Operation services to all industries in a broad range of applications.
High and difficult access assets inspection (antennas, smoke stacks, HV lines, buildings, towers, off shore platform)
Large areas monitoring (mining, agriculture)
Specialist inspections (thermography, photogrammetry)
Agricultural monitoring and plant health analysis.
Broadcast quality photograpy and videography.
Delivery of key Security or safety inspection imagery.
Construction progress monitoring.
Detailed high resolution mapping and measurement.

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