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Altitude Imaging is a fully certified and professional aerial imaging company.
Based in Perth, Altitude Imaging provides aerial photography, video, asset inspection, survey and thermal imaging for a range of industries.
With full Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certification, a highly experienced management and operations team and world class professional technology, we are able to achieve results previously unobtainable in the Australian market.
Our company is dynamic, motivated and customer focused. We listen to your needs and work with you to achieve results that will make Altitude Imaging your go to company for all aerial imaging requirements.

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We used Altitude Imaging. We did get the drone footage done, and were very happy with the work completed and would rate 5 stars.
Leonie Yates, Jul 2018
Altitude did the work, and Steve was amazing
Peter Lang, Feb 2018
Altitude completed the job on time and on budget and we were very pleased with the results.
Brian Richardson, Aug 2017
I have seen images from the same company of another block of land just 20 mtrs away which seemed to have been taken during a different time of the the day where the light did not appear so harsh and appears to be a lot softer. Otehrwise good communications.
, Aug 2016
Did a good job
Very professional service and top quality. Thank you.
I did not necessary go with the cheapest, but the company gave a detail of their service which assisted with my expectations.

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