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Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill Agriculture

Using Yamaha Rmax UAV:

weed management;
granular spreading;
native regrowth spraying.

Sky Land Management provides high quality, innovative aerial and traditional ground based land management solutions. The unique capabilities of the Yamaha Rmax Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) enables Sky Land Management to provide safer, targeted and cost effective solutions for clients, in conjunction with traditional ground based services. Based in the Hunter Valley, we service NSW.

Our Managing Director Phil Milling has over 15 years experience in delivering quality land management solutions. His experience spans across all levels of government, mining, agriculture, construction and infrastructure.

He has a Bachelor of Management (Land Resources) and an Advanced Diploma of Land Management. Phil has specialist experience and knowledge in planning and implementing works in areas including weed management, site rehabilitation, revegetation, riparian management and management planning.

Phil holds a pilot's licence certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and has undertaken extensive training and testing in the operation of the Yamaha Rmax UAV.

Phil sets and maintains a high professional and ethical standard as backed by his membership as a Certified Environmental Practitioner. "A Certified Environmental Practitioner ('CEnvP') is a dedicated professional who has demonstrated their environmental professionalism beyond the standard requirements of education, and has been judged on their professional merits and experience by fellow senior level environmental practitioners" (

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