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Earth Systems is a multidisciplinary environmental and social consulting firm, which develops and implements innovative and effective environment, water and sustainability solutions throughout the world. Established in 1993, we have successfully completed over 500 major projects in Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, North America and the Pacific.

Earth Systems provides high quality services and solutions in the areas of environmental and social impact assessment, water management and treatment, energy efficiency, carbon accounting and community consultation and development.

Earth Systems utilises its expertise in cutting-edge drone technology, non-invasive survey operations and high quality data processing techniques to provide spatial services for a range of environmental investigations.

Eath Systems currently holds a ReOC.

The services provided by the Earth Systems drone team include:

• Animal management and conservation including species identification, population and density estimates, ecosystem rehabilitation surveys and habitat utilisation zone identification;

• Plant and forestry conservation including species identification, plant health and stress evaluation, soil property and moisture analysis, crown estimation and coverage, and canopy height identification;

• Terrain modelling including topography, morphology, erosion monitoring and potential river bathymetry identification;

• Hydrology and flood analysis including drainage and water management, watershed, drainage basin and water flow mapping, and detection of groundwater inflows;

• Mine assessments including pit and dump management, waste inventory design, volume calculations, AMD identification and monitoring, haul road design and resource calculation; and

• Site assessment and management including slope and land use analysis, identification of sampling locations, infrastructure mapping, construction feasibility studies, fly throughs and real-time viewing and aerial imagery.

Earth Systems has a range of packages that suit all applications. Please contact us for further details.

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