DS Drone Specialist Jimmy D.

Jimmy has been listed since May. 2018
Residential property Commercial property Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering

After working in the Construction Industry for the last 9 years as a Qualified Landscaper, owner Jimmy has combined his years of flying a UAV as a hobby and his passion for photography & videography to start the company ‘DS Drone Specialist’.

DS Drone Specialist, was created after seeing the global market trend for Commercial Drone usage rapidly growing and the move away from traditional methods such as helicopters.

By using one of our UAV Drones, we are able to reduce your costs, deliver efficiencies, and save you time compared to traditional methods of capturing aerial photography and videography and conducting aerial surveillance works.

With several years experience in photo & video editing, our companies goal is to produce high quality aerial media to go above and beyond our clients requirements.

Our recent domestic and international projects have covered the Construction and the Health & Well Being Industry.

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